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Zulfidin Khodzhaev: "Dear students, here you can find additional materials to further expand your understanding on the topic and play with some simulations to strengthen your knowledge. "

Spring 2022: Per your request, here are the notes: 

11th grade_Physics_copy.pdf

Spring 2021

PHYS 2114 University Physics II (Discussion Hours)

PHYS 2114 Lab. University Physics II

Lab 1:

Practice 1

Practice 2


Realistic Induction

"Electron circles the nucleus with 7 quadrillion revolutions per second or equivalently 7 thousand trillion revolutions per second."

Lab 2:

Lab 3:


Lab 7:

Week 7 Section Problems:

Spring 2020

PHYS 1214 College Physics II (Discussion Hours)

PHYS 1214 Lab. College Physics II

Fall 2016

FIZ 101EL Physics I Laboratory